The Best Diet

1950 women bodyThe best diet is………….are you ready???????? NO DIET! I know a lot of you are probably thinking I’ve totally lost my mind now! I mean how are we supposed to lose weight if we don’t find the “right” diet and stick to it? Well coming from some one who started dieting when I was 16 (and at that time I was actually very athletic and thin!). What would turn into a dieting obsession all started with a challenge amongst a group of friends, of which I was already the thinnest, to see how much weight we could lose. I am now 23 fixing to be 24 and have been dieting ever since. You know what? I have actually gained about 30 pounds over the years, despite constantly dieting and even getting to the point of disordered eating(perhaps another story)! I have tried EVERY diet you can think of from low carb, zero carb, vegetarian, even fruitarian. I was gluten-free and lactose free for almost two years and the only thing that seemed to help was to make me have a hard time to digest those foods once I decided to try to eat them again. Besides I LOVE to cook and as someone who used to bake for everyone (hello reunions and church events!LOL) I have to admit……nothing is quite the same gluten-free. 😛

I have tried it all. I have been known as the health nut. Yes I drank kombucha and milked goats and a jersey cow for the raw milk (and yes I made my own butter and and yet I still must admit that the best kind of diet is simply…..EAT WHATEVER YOU ENJOY!!!!!! I used to spend SO much time and energy trying to be “healthy” when in reality I was doing the opposite.

I have decided I want to give up dieting…. I want to be able to enjoy whatever I want without worrying over it, instead choosing to focus on the company I have while I’m eating it. In a society which constantly bombards us with food it is sometimes hard to resist the temptations. However, I think a really important question to ask ourselves is , What do I really want? I mean after years of eating a LOT of things I didn’t really like (I never can get into the bulletproof coffee, I’ll take mine without the grease thank you!) I really have to sit back and ask myself WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?

Take women in the 1950’s. They were generally slim yet they generally ate good food. They just ate smaller amounts of it. Today portion sizes have grown so big it is hard to realize what is truly needed. French women are EXCELLENT examples of being able to enjoy good food (chocolate, cheese and wine anyone??) and yet still stay slim, elegant and just plain sexy! They eat foods they enjoy but they eat them in smaller amounts and SAVOR every bite. Sometimes more is not always better I guess…..esp when it comes to the The_French_Women_Don't_Get_Fat_Diet

Personally, I grew up with the “clean your plate” mentality (anyone with me??). You know “clean your plate because there are hungry children in (insert any country). Because of that I learned to save my favorite for last so at least I could finish with something I really liked. LOL I am now to the conclusion that by leaving food on my plate, I am NOT wasting food. After all is it better to throw it away or wear it on my hips? Uh yeah I think I prefer the trashcan! LOL ;P I have also realized that by eating what I ENJOY and not eating things I don’t, I am actually putting myself first. I am telling myself that I am important and showing myself a little bit of love. ❤

Living in such a fast paced world, it can be hard to slow down and ask myself what do I really want but by showing myself that little bit of love and taking away all the worry and stress involved with trying to be on a certain diet, I truly believe many aspects of my life will begin to heal. I hope you guys will follow along with my journey as I go. I do still intend to release(I don’t intend to lose it as I have no intention of finding it!lol) some weight, about 30lbs to be exact, and I will document my journey as I go. I hope to share the lessons I learn in hopes it may help someone out there find their own inner voice and begin treating their body with love and kindness, while attaining their goals.


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