The Path to Self-Love

selfloveSelf-love. It’s something we hear thrown around a lot these days. We are constantly being told to love ourselves unconditionally not matter what. We are told not be critical of ourselves in any way. Well in theory its a wonderful concept. However, it is not possible to simply flip a switch and automatically begin loving yourself. In reality you may look in the mirror and verbally say to your reflection that you love yourself but if your inner beliefs don’t align with what you say you are essentially lying to yourself………….

Love is something that has to develop over a period of time. It’s not something that all of a sudden you decide. ” you know what from this day on I love myself just the way I am.” It’s not possible…….However, what is possible is to begin building a foundation of love. ❤  We can pick out aspects of ourselves we do love. Perhaps we love our eyes, nose, lips, hair, height, etc. If we search there is always some aspect about ourselves we are proud of and that is what we build our foundation of love upon. The next step is to acknowledge and accept the things we do not like about ourselves. We may not may not particularly like some aspects of ourselves but by acknowledging them we open a doorway for change. In a way it gives us power, the power to transform and change.

One of the interesting discoveries from the 1950’s I’ve made was the fact that it was common to critic one’s own body. Being overweight was not seen as socially acceptable and people were often known to “watch their figure.” I’m not saying by any means shaming is a good thing ( though one could argue we are shamed for not accepting ourselves too) but I do believe that self-awareness is… There are so many health risks associated with being overweight, yet we still receive mixed signals……… On one side we have the push to love ourselves just the way we are, on the other we have constant advertisements for the newest weight loss miracle….. 😛

A good example…..Walmart leading up to Christmas. You walk in the doors and the first things you see are all kinds of treats for Christmas, candy, cookies, etc. the day after Christmas……. its scales, meal replacements, and weight loss stuff…. I literally laughed when I saw it. LOL

The key element I believe a lot of people miss is that by SHOWING yourself love you can not only begin to change you body and health for the better, you will also begin to truly LOVE yourself. The solution, simply spending time everyday on yourself…….YES YOU!!!!!!! Before anyone starts jumping the gun and saying “oh I don’t have time for me,” you have to make time. There are a lot of excuses we could use to justify ourselves, I know because I have used plenty.  School, career, children, husband must come first…….etc. While it is good to want to put others first, it is important not to let yourself suffer because of it. Think about it……… if you spend just a little bit of time on you everyday you will begin to feel better and gain confidence in yourself, which will inevitably spill over into other areas in your life. It is not selfish or even a form of self-hate to have a personal ideal and wish to work towards what you perceive is your best possible self. In reality your saying “I love myself enough to want to take care of me.” I personally know what it’s like to struggle with loving yourself. I come from a past of disordered eating and self punishment. Yet I am learning to love myself and the new found confidence I am gaining has indeed helped other areas of my life. By learning to do things because we want to show love to ourselves our whole mentality changes. Life is indeed much more pleasurable when associated with love.  I would love to hear of any personal stories on your journeys towards self-love…. What is your opinions? Tips? Things you do to show yourself love? 🙂


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