#1 Tip to Boost Your Confidence

Whoa!!! Jeez……who knew doing one simple thing could cause my self-confidence (of which I have NEVER had much of) to start skyrocketing? Not only am I feeling better towards myself, the confidence has begun to spill over into other areas of my life including my job search and my relationship with the man of my dreams (quite literally.lol). So what is my secret?????? EXERCISE!!!!!! 😀 ” I feel good, na na na na, I knew that I would now!!!” (couldn’t resist. hehe) 😉

Ok so I am sure everyone has probably heard about how good exercise is for the body. However, for me the biggest benefit has been mental. Yes I feel incredible physically, but the mental aspects are the greatest reward. I have determination to reach my goals in all areas of my life not just my physical ones, I have greater mental clarity, my stress levels have lessened and I haven’t had a panic attack in quite a while. I have begun to look at my body differently. Instead of seeing all my flaws and wishing I had the body of someone else, I see my own as a unique piece of clay of which I have the ability to mold. I am now working to build a better body rather than tear down and destroy it. I am no where near where I wish to be but I am finding satisfaction in my journey. For once I look forward to the summer months and dare I say……the swimsuits. I am determined to reach some of my milestones this year.

It truly is a cycle…… the first step is to make the decision, the second is to act upon your decision which in turn boosts your confidence. The cool part? It is a continuous cycle! the confidence you get fuels the decision to continue and so the snowball rolls! Isn’t it awesome! lol 😉

Here are some tips to get you started.

1) Set your goals.

* Spend a little time to think about your goals and what you would like to accomplish. Don’t just write down physical goals either, write down any and all. Be specific. Visualize your goals and how you will feel when you have reached them. Write down the reasons why you want to reach them. Basically, take a step back and see what YOU want to be or do.

2) Decide on a reward system.

* Make your journey fun and “rewarding.” Personally, I have decided that each milestone I reach equals a new piece of lingerie. 😀 (I LOVE lingerie, its a confidence booster all by itself in my opinion!) Pick rewards that don’t involve food. In America it seems no matter what the occasion we use food. Perhaps its a southern thing but no matter if its a celebration of a funeral, food plays a major part.

3) Put your plan into action.

* The phrase “Just Do It” ring a bell?? lol I try to plan my workout time for the mornings simply because I know that if I get it accomplished first thing there is a small chance of anything happening and causing me not to do it. (spontaneous get togethers anyone?lol) Plus when I get up and spend the time working out it sets the day off to a great start I’ve noticed and gives me the extra little pep to my step. It makes me feel sexy and able to handle anything. Now what better reason do I need??? 😉

I would love to hear some feedback. What do you do? Do you have rewards you look forward too or perhaps have already won??? What motivates you?


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