Weight loss without working out

Hey everyone. I apologize for not having posted in the last week or so. I have had so much going on its hard to even see straight.lol I’ve started a new job which is hopefully training me to run my own business, been waiting to hear if my man will be joining the military, in the process of moving and get to top it off with being sick. Everything is looking brighter though and it has helped me grow a lot.

Anyways…… the post I wanted to write today has to do with the best way to lose weight. Theoretically the more you exercise and cutting back on what you consume should equal weight loss right??? If that was the case I should be skinny. Growing up on a horse ranch I have ALWAYS had to work hard physically. I began to also exercise a lot more as well in an effort to slim down a little. Throw in cutting calories and even falling into some disordered eating one would think I should be pretty slim. Yet I still weight the same. I have had the same 30lbs through all of it. The funny part? The ONLY times I have seemingly lost any weight where holidays where I ate a LOT and had NO additional exercise……Now thats not right! 😛

Quite frustrated I have decided to quite working out. Before anyone starts rolling their eyes let me give my reasons. Firstly with everything that is going on, my time is limited and precious. I would rather spend the hour I would spend working out, hanging out with my man playing catch or something else, especially when there is a chance I won’t be able to see him for a while if he makes it into the military. Secondly, I can not physically handle the additional stress on my body. I had a horse accident back a few years ago in which I messed my ankle up. I can no longer workout without it hurting for days on end(even squats kill me!). Its been swollen for weeks now and with me on my feet all day at my job I don’t need additional stress. Thirdly….I’m just plain tired. I am determined to reach my goals by having fun and enjoying life. I want to go for walks and play sports with my friends, and over all just enjoy each day. Same with food. While I intend to watch what I eat I don’t intend to follow a strict way of eating which sucks the joy out of my meals.

I look forward to changing my relationship towards my body and food. I want to start treating my body with respect and care rather than putting it through torture in an effort to reach a perceived ideal. Being constantly in pain and tired is not appealing to me and it worries my man. Somehow he has the capability to see through my facade that I always feel perfectly fine. Perhaps that is a part of true love…..one truly can see and feel each others happiness as well as pain.


2 thoughts on “Weight loss without working out

    • Thank you! So far we are just waiting to see if they will accept him. Been trying to get his medical records for about two weeks. The hospital is taking forever. Its been a dream of his and all he talks about. 🙂 Thank you so much for the encouragement!


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