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A Fighter!

I know I haven’t posted in a little while, there has been a LOT going on lately. For a catch up moment….. My man has officially graduated the police academy and is back home. Β (I have decided that being a police wife is gonna be harder than I even expected. πŸ˜› ) Finally was able to get with a good Dr. that is actually trying to help me get things figured out. Yay!

I think one of the biggest (and best) is the fact I am getting my fighting spirit back. I’m not saying its entirely pretty.lol I can be hard to handle at times as I am a lil stubborn(ok more like the level of a mule, but thats beside the point.lol). I am trying my best to make myself well and to get back to the real me. I love to work horses and to work out. I think part of the problem honestly is just learning how to handle everything, I have let things get to me and overwhelm me, and frankly I’m sick of it.I have also not taken any time for myself. I have kept putting off things I want or need to do just to take care of everyone else and the result is I have felt depressed and begun to resent things…..not a good combination. :/

Time for change!! I am determined to take back my life. I am gonna learn to take time for me and still be able to help others as well, I am gonna get back in shape and work with my horses, I am GONNA get off the medicine which i think contributes to some problems. The fighting side of me is coming back and this time…..its here to stay!! πŸ˜‰


The Challenge is ON!!!

Three weeks to see how much I am capable of changing my body! Yes it is going to be extra challenging because of the issues I have everyday anyways (I go back to the dr this week as well so hopefully we can get some figured out.) but I am bound and determined to see how much I can transform my body in three weeks. I say three weeks because in three weeks I will be attending my man’s graduation from the police academy and I want to look my best.

I intend to have a good workout every day of the week, preferably before work, and to eat extremely clean and low carb. Saturday will be my rest day since that will be the one day he will be home all day with me. I’m not sure how much I can make the scale go down with training hard but at least I can shape my body a little more. I am a natural hourglass so losing weight makes my body more dramatic hourglass which is perfectly fine with me and most definitely fine with my man! πŸ˜‰

I am going to take a before picture and some measurements in the morning before my workout and I will take and after when the 3 weeks are up. I would LOVE to have anyone who wants to do the challenge with me! The more the merrier! Plus it would be great to share tips and motivation! πŸ™‚

Weight loss without working out

Hey everyone. I apologize for not having posted in the last week or so. I have had so much going on its hard to even see straight.lol I’ve started a new job which is hopefully training me to run my own business, been waiting to hear if my man will be joining the military, in the process of moving and get to top it off with being sick. Everything is looking brighter though and it has helped me grow a lot.

Anyways…… the post I wanted to write today has to do with the best way to lose weight. Theoretically the more you exercise and cutting back on what you consume should equal weight loss right??? If that was the case I should be skinny. Growing up on a horse ranch I have ALWAYS had to work hard physically. I began to also exercise a lot more as well in an effort to slim down a little. Throw in cutting calories and even falling into some disordered eating one would think I should be pretty slim. Yet I still weight the same. I have had the same 30lbs through all of it. The funny part? The ONLY times I have seemingly lost any weight where holidays where I ate a LOT and had NO additional exercise……Now thats not right! πŸ˜›

Quite frustrated I have decided to quite working out. Before anyone starts rolling their eyes let me give my reasons. Firstly with everything that is going on, my time is limited and precious. I would rather spend the hour I would spend working out, hanging out with my man playing catch or something else, especially when there is a chance I won’t be able to see him for a while if he makes it into the military. Secondly, I can not physically handle the additional stress on my body. I had a horse accident back a few years ago in which I messed my ankle up. I can no longer workout without it hurting for days on end(even squats kill me!). Its been swollen for weeks now and with me on my feet all day at my job I don’t need additional stress. Thirdly….I’m just plain tired. I am determined to reach my goals by having fun and enjoying life. I want to go for walks and play sports with my friends, and over all just enjoy each day. Same with food. While I intend to watch what I eat I don’t intend to follow a strict way of eating which sucks the joy out of my meals.

I look forward to changing my relationship towards my body and food. I want to start treating my body with respect and care rather than putting it through torture in an effort to reach a perceived ideal. Being constantly in pain and tired is not appealing to me and it worries my man. Somehow he has the capability to see through my facade that I always feel perfectly fine. Perhaps that is a part of true love…..one truly can see and feel each others happiness as well as pain.

#1 Tip to Boost Your Confidence

Whoa!!! Jeez……who knew doing one simple thing could cause my self-confidence (of which I have NEVER had much of) to start skyrocketing? Not only am I feeling better towards myself, the confidence has begun to spill over into other areas of my life including my job search and my relationship with the man of my dreams (quite literally.lol). So what is my secret?????? EXERCISE!!!!!! πŸ˜€ ” I feel good, na na na na, I knew that I would now!!!” (couldn’t resist. hehe) πŸ˜‰

Ok so I am sure everyone has probably heard about how good exercise is for the body. However, for me the biggest benefit has been mental. Yes I feel incredible physically, but the mental aspects are the greatest reward. I have determination to reach my goals in all areas of my life not just my physical ones, I have greater mental clarity, my stress levels have lessened and I haven’t had a panic attack in quite a while. I have begun to look at my body differently. Instead of seeing all my flaws and wishing I had the body of someone else, I see my own as a unique piece of clay of which I have the ability to mold. I am now working to build a better body rather than tear down and destroy it. I am no where near where I wish to be but I am finding satisfaction in my journey. For once I look forward to the summer months and dare I say……the swimsuits. I am determined to reach some of my milestones this year.

It truly is a cycle…… the first step is to make the decision, the second is to act upon your decision which in turn boosts your confidence. The cool part? It is a continuous cycle! the confidence you get fuels the decision to continue and so the snowball rolls! Isn’t it awesome! lol πŸ˜‰

Here are some tips to get you started.

1) Set your goals.

* Spend a little time to think about your goals and what you would like to accomplish. Don’t just write down physical goals either, write down any and all. Be specific. Visualize your goals and how you will feel when you have reached them. Write down the reasons why you want to reach them. Basically, take a step back and see what YOU want to be or do.

2) Decide on a reward system.

* Make your journey fun and “rewarding.” Personally, I have decided that each milestone I reach equals a new piece of lingerie. πŸ˜€ (I LOVE lingerie, its a confidence booster all by itself in my opinion!) Pick rewards that don’t involve food. In America it seems no matter what the occasion we use food. Perhaps its a southern thing but no matter if its a celebration of a funeral, food plays a major part.

3) Put your plan into action.

* The phrase “Just Do It” ring a bell?? lol I try to plan my workout time for the mornings simply because I know that if I get it accomplished first thing there is a small chance of anything happening and causing me not to do it. (spontaneous get togethers anyone?lol) Plus when I get up and spend the time working out it sets the day off to a great start I’ve noticed and gives me the extra little pep to my step. It makes me feel sexy and able to handle anything. Now what better reason do I need??? πŸ˜‰

I would love to hear some feedback. What do you do? Do you have rewards you look forward too or perhaps have already won??? What motivates you?

The Path to Self-Love

selfloveSelf-love. It’s something we hear thrown around a lot these days. We are constantly being told to love ourselves unconditionally not matter what. We are told not be critical of ourselves in any way. Well in theory its a wonderful concept. However, it is not possible to simply flip a switch and automatically begin loving yourself. In reality you may look in the mirror and verbally say to your reflection that you love yourself but if your inner beliefs don’t align with what you say you are essentially lying to yourself………….

Love is something that has to develop over a period of time. It’s not something that all of a sudden you decide. ” you know what from this day on I love myself just the way I am.” It’s not possible…….However, what is possible is to begin building a foundation of love. ❀ Β We can pick out aspects of ourselves we do love. Perhaps we love our eyes, nose, lips, hair, height, etc. If we search there is always some aspect about ourselves we are proud of and that is what we build our foundation of love upon. The next step is to acknowledge and accept the things we do not like about ourselves. We may not may not particularly like some aspects of ourselves but by acknowledging them we open a doorway for change. In a way it gives us power, the power to transform and change.

One of the interesting discoveries from the 1950’s I’ve made was the fact that it was common to critic one’s own body. Being overweight was not seen as socially acceptable and people were often known to “watch their figure.” I’m not saying by any means shaming is a good thing ( though one could argue we are shamed for not accepting ourselves too) but I do believe that self-awareness is… There are so many health risks associated with being overweight, yet we still receive mixed signals……… On one side we have the push to love ourselves just the way we are, on the other we have constant advertisements for the newest weight loss miracle….. πŸ˜›

A good example…..Walmart leading up to Christmas. You walk in the doors and the first things you see are all kinds of treats for Christmas, candy, cookies, etc. the day after Christmas……. its scales, meal replacements, and weight loss stuff…. I literally laughed when I saw it. LOL

The key element I believe a lot of people miss is that by SHOWING yourself love you can not only begin to change you body and health for the better, you will also begin to truly LOVE yourself. The solution, simply spending time everyday on yourself…….YES YOU!!!!!!! Before anyone starts jumping the gun and saying “oh I don’t have time for me,” you have to make time. There are a lot of excuses we could use to justify ourselves, I know because I have used plenty. Β School, career, children, husband must come first…….etc. While it is good to want to put others first, it is important not to let yourself suffer because of it. Think about it……… if you spend just a little bit of time on you everyday you will begin to feel better and gain confidence in yourself, which will inevitably spill over into other areas in your life. It is not selfish or even a form of self-hate to have a personal ideal and wish to work towards what you perceive is your best possible self. In reality your saying “I love myself enough to want to take care of me.” I personally know what it’s like to struggle with loving yourself. I come from a past of disordered eating and self punishment. Yet I am learning to love myself and the new found confidence I am gaining has indeed helped other areas of my life. By learning to do things because we want to show love to ourselves our whole mentality changes. Life is indeed much more pleasurable when associated with love. Β I would love to hear of any personal stories on your journeys towards self-love…. What is your opinions? Tips? Things you do to show yourself love? πŸ™‚

My Challenge!!! Care to Join???

Good Morning! I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start today and had a great Easter weekend. So far my day is off to a great start. I already fit my workout in for the day and now I am sitting here enjoying a huge cup of hazelnut coffee……OH!!!!! Just the thought makes me tremble with delight! πŸ˜€ Anyways….. while I was enjoying getting some me time in this morning I had some interesting thoughts come to mind….

As I have mentioned in my previous posts I have challenged myself to lose the excess weight, get fit and toned. Well I am additionally challenging myself to reach my goals……… at home. Yep…..that means no gym membership. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the gym and I am not saying it isn’t an extremely helpful tool. However, for me personally I have decided to quit going for a few different reasons. 1) I have to drive about 45 mins to get to one (welcome to small town life.lol). 2) I have just recently graduated college and am still trying to find a steady income( I can use the gas money and the extra time saved from driving for more valuable things). 3) I would rather put the $20 a month for a gym membership into running 5ks, which benefit charities. 4) I want to have FUN! I mean who says you have to do things you don’t enjoy simply to reach your physical goals? That doesn’t sound like self-love to me….

We must do things we love for our bodies, not try to put ourselves through what we perceive as torture simply to because it is touted to help us reach our weight loss/fitness goals. IT WON’T WORK. End of story! Been there and done that! lol πŸ˜› Sure it may have some short-term benefits but if you don’t enjoy it, how do you intend to sustain it for the rest of your life? Your mental attitude has a very large impact on whether you will succeed in anything, not just weight loss. If you are doing things you enjoy you are essentially telling yourself, “I am doing this because I love you.” Doing things through a spirit of love is MUCH more effective than trying to do them through a spirit of hate, not to mention it make life so much more pleasurable for you and everyone around you.  ❀ what you do

Those are my reasons. My challenge is to workout in (and outside) of my own home and through a spirit of love for myself and dare I say for my future family… Is it possible to reach my goals without having to go to a gym? I believe so. I am determined to actually. I don’t see my journey as a short duration…It’s not just till I reach a certain weight or a certain clothing size, to me this is something I need to make a life long habit of for myself and those I love. πŸ™‚

My Secret…

secretI have a secret……… I secretly wish I lived in an earlier time period…. You know? Where being a house wife was not looked down upon and wanting to please your man was not looked upon as a weakness. I am so tired of the modern perception of what is expected of me as a woman! Society says I must have a college degree. Done. Society says I need to be independent and have a successful career. Ok, now I have some issues. What exactly determines success? I am indeed independent. I have grown up without much choice in the matter (perhaps a story for a later date). As far as a career? Well now THAT is a problem. You see ever since I was little I have wanted to have a family and be a mom, and I am the only one in my family with that kinda mindset. LOL Being a wife and later a mom is the one dream of mine which has NEVER changed. Don’t get me wrong there are other things I hope to achieve along the lines of a “real job/career” but in my opinion there is NO job more important than the one within the home!

Perhaps I am a little weird. I mean I am sitting and writing a blog post on wanting to be a good housewife while wearing a corset. LOL (again…..story for another time.lol) πŸ˜‰ I have always found earlier time periods so fascinating. I mean women were so different than they are today in my opinion. They took pride not only in their abilities to maintain their home and family lives and found time for charitable work, they also took pride in THEMSELVES!

Personally I feel as though it is my job to make my man happy. I really truly want to WORK at being the woman of his dreams. I know he loves me as I am and thinks I hang the moon……but I know I can be oh so much better! You see I had more or less given up on my dream of being a wife. I honestly had gotten caught up in the whole “I don’t need a man” way of thinking, and you know what? I also gave up on myself… I got to the point I didn’t really care about me. I mean why should I spend a ton of time on myself when no one was ever around to appreciate it? It may seem silly I suppose but since being reunited with the ONLY man I have EVER loved (you got it….another story.LOL Lets just say I have had a crush on him since I was about 13.) my whole mindset has changed now.

Being with him has reignited my desire to be the best version of me. I have always loved everything womanly. I mean seriously what is wrong with wanting to enhance my womanly characteristics??? I have several female role models that I adore for their class, feminism and lets face it just plain seductive ways. In my opinion Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and in general all the actresses had a seductiveness which is rare now days. In my opinion one of my favorite current model would have to be Dita Von Teese .dita-fall1

I may have indeed grown up as a “tom boy,” it just kinda happens when you grow up on a ranch. LOL Yet I LOVE all things feminine. I love feeling like a woman wearing dresses, lingerie, and bubble baths. I have studied many aspects of being an elegant lady for years. Now I truly have the best reason in the world to implement the things I have learned! ❀ ❀ ❀

Now I WANT to be better….in so many ways. I am setting out on a journey. A journey of discovery, healing, weight loss/ physical transformation, and learning how to truly be the best version of a woman I can be. I know it will be a long journey but I truly believe it will be the most rewarding and memorable journey I could ever make. I want to invite everyone to join me. You never can tell what kind of adventure this chick can get into! πŸ˜‰